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NRRP refutes those who banked on our failure says Meloni

    "I am very happy to announce that the European Commission today approved the payment of the fifth instalment of the NRRP...

Sections - 02.07.2024, 14:35

EC gives green light to Italy's 5th NRRP instalment

    The Italian NRRP comprises 66 reforms and 150 investments, reflected in 618 milestones and targets.

Sections - 02.07.2024, 14:02

'France and Italy vying for same EC post' - FT

    Meloni has reportedly tapped European Affairs, Cohesion, South and National Recovery and Resilience Plan (NRRP...

Sections - 27.06.2024, 09:57

'Von der Leyen will negotiate directly with Meloni' -media

    European Affairs, Cohesion, South and Recovery and National Resilience Plan (NRRP...

Sections - 25.06.2024, 13:07

Italy first to request sixth NRRP tranche - Meloni

    The post-COVID NRRP seeks to make the Italian economy Greener and more modern with the help of around 194 billion euros in grants and low-interest loans from the EU.

Sections - 24.06.2024, 10:37

GDP in South +1.3% 2023, above national average - Svimez

    The growth was significantly affected by the National Recovery and Resilience Plan (NRRP), with public investments growing by 16.8% in the South in 2023, against +7.2% in the Centre-North.

Sections - 19.06.2024, 15:46

Italy's debt sensitive to shock, medium-term risks - EC

    "We need on the one hand cautious spending and on the other hand to multiply the efforts for NRRP investments". (ANSA).

Sections - 19.06.2024, 11:03

EU Council approves amendments to Italy NRRP

(ANSA) - ROME, MAY 14 - The EU Council has approved amendments to Italy's National Recovery and Resilience Plan (NRRP...

Sections - 14.05.2024, 12:27

Italy growth to plummet to 0.2% in '26 with superbonus-IMF

Italian growth will plummet to just 0.2% of GDP in 2026 as the National Recovery and Resilience Plan nears its send and the finance-sapping superbonus home improvement subsidy deals its final blows to the economy, the International Monetary Fund said Friday.

Sections - 19.04.2024, 15:32

Italy's abortion move not linked to NRRP says EC

    On Friday, when asked about the abortion debate in Italy, an EC spokeswoman said "the NRRPdecree contains measures that concern the governance structure of the NRRP...

Sections - 19.04.2024, 14:44

Opposition attacks after EC says abortion not linked to NRRP

    "Even the EU says abortion has nothing to do with the NRRP", said Luana Zanella of the Green-Left Alliance (AVS).

Sections - 19.04.2024, 14:41

Italy's GDP to grow by 0.9% this year - Confindustria

    They said the prospect of falling interest rates and the effects of the National Recovery and Resilience Plan (NRRP) will be "two powerful stimuli for growth".

Sections - 17.04.2024, 09:34

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