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Preparations for CIIE 2024 in full swing


Preparations for CIIE 2024 in full swing


Responsabilità editoriale di news aktuell

08 maggio 2024, 14:00

news aktuell



PressRelease - Responsabilità editoriale di news aktuell

The seventh China International Import Expo (CIIE), hailed as an access point for global companies looking to expand their presence in the Chinese market, is scheduled to take place this November in Shanghai. 

“To date, over 800 companies from more than 60 countries and regions have signed up for the seventh CIIE, with the total exhibition area reaching nearly 270,000 square meters,” said Sun Chenghai, deputy director-general of the CIIE Bureau, when the expo embraced its 200-day countdown on April 18.

MNCs see fruitful results at past CIIEs
Over the years, companies from 173 countries and regions have made appearances at the CIIE and carried out tentative transactions worth $424.23 billion.
“The CIIE is an ideal platform for foreign companies looking to establish connections with Chinese customers and expand their presence in China,” said Wu Yanbing, director of public relations at Hyundai Motor Group (China), South Korea’s largest automaker.
The debut of the American Food and Agriculture Pavilion at CIIE 2023 is a testament to the significant role the expo plays in bilateral trade cooperation. 
Covering more than 200 square meters, the American Food and Agriculture Pavilion featured 17 exhibitors, highlighting an assortment of American agricultural products, from meats and almonds to wines and health supplements.
Last year, the expo saw the participation of over 230 US companies, including major companies such as Ford, Tesla, and Johnson & Johnson, making it the largest US delegation in history.
In addition to the Business Exhibition, 72 countries and international organizations wowed visitors with their scientific and technological achievements, culture and art at the Country Exhibition of the sixth CIIE in 2023.
“I am impressed by how many countries are involved in the expo and proud of the Finnish Pavilion, which comprises 17 companies and highlights lactose-free dairy products,” said Sari Essayah, Finland’s Minister of Agriculture and Forestry, during her visit to the expo last year.

Hongqiao Forum spotlights global issues
As a crucial part of the annual CIIE, the sixth Hongqiao Forum in 2023 saw a record attendance of more than 8,000 people and featured 22 subforums on a range of subjects such as financial reform and innovation, digital governance and green investment.
To make the forum more impactful, organizers have held a series of symposiums and salons over the last several months and invited important figures, including UN representatives, government officials, scholars, and member companies to contribute to this year’s themes and topics.

CIIE 2024 seeks the participation of more companies
The seventh CIIE will hold another series of global roadshows in Finland, Iceland, Norway, the United States, Japan and South Korea in May to promote the grand event to companies with an interest in exporting to China and highlight the CIIE’s supporting policies.
The first list of exhibitors of the seventh CIIE, including 252 companies and institutions specializing in food, automobiles, green energy, artificial intelligence, chemicals, electronic components, consumer goods and other fields, has been officially released. 

Be sure to grab your spot now at:

Contact:Ms. Cui Yan

PressRelease - Responsabilità editoriale di news aktuell

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