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Renzi confirms wage cap for all public-sector managers

Move part of cost-cutting measures for leaner state

08 April, 16:47
Renzi confirms wage cap for all public-sector managers (ANSA) - Rome, April 8 - Premier Matteo Renzi on Tuesday confirmed his intention of capping the salaries of all public-sector managers as part of efforts to forge a leaner and more efficient state. "No manager will be able to exceed the salary cap and people will just have to accept that there will be fewer official cars," said Renzi of a separate move to sell off part of the Italian state's executive fleet commonly known as 'auto blu'. Earlier this year the 39-year-old premier announced plans to cap managerial wages in the public sector at or below the quarter of a million euros Italian President Giorgio Napolitano gets.

Some of the fattest cats in Italy's bloated public sector earn three or four times what the head of State is paid.