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>>>ANSA/ Pope in push for more Church democracy

Bishops' meetings should be more inclusive, Francis says

08 April, 18:27
>>>ANSA/ Pope in push for more Church democracy (ANSA) - Vatican City, April 8 - Pope Francis on Tuesday made a fresh push for greater democracy in the Catholic Church he is trying to reform, saying bishops' meetings should be more inclusive and responsive.

The Church needs "deeper and more authentic" collegiality in decision making by bishops, Francis reiterated. Sharing responsibility will improve their ability to carry out their mission, Francis said in a letter to the secretary-general of the Synod of Bishops, Cardinal Lorenzo Baldisseri.

Since his election a year ago, the reform-minded Francis has been trying to break up Vatican cliques and spread decision-making powers around to bring the Church back closer to the people. The pope said that, 50 years after Paul VI set up the Synod, "we need to revive still more the close link with all the Pastors of the Church".

"I want to valorise this precious heritage (of the Second Vatican Council)," Francis said.

The pope has this year accelerated the reform process aimed at giving a new structure to the Roman Curia and the universal Church.

The eight-member College of Cardinals helping Francis govern the Church and reform the Curia has been putting together recommendations that are expected to be weighed by Francis shortly. The so-called "G8" was appointed by the pope to advise him on reform.