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Pope outlines three-expression 'recipe' for marital problems

Make peace after fight, say please, thank you and sorry, pray

02 April, 17:12
Pope outlines three-expression 'recipe' for marital problems (ANSA) - Vatican City, April 2 - Pope Francis on Wednesday said tensions in a marriage can be countered with a strategy based on three simple expressions - ''excuse me'', ''thank you'' and ''I am sorry'' - and in making peace after a fight before the end of the day.

He also said married couples had to pray for one another.

Speaking during his general audience Wednesday, the pontiff said that ''human frailties play out in marriage''.

''We are fully aware of how many difficulties and tests the life of two spouses experiences'', he said, calling on married couples to be inspired by the ''true connection'' which ''is always with the Lord''.